Did you know that when you do a detox, you remove many toxins from your body.  These toxins can exist everywhere including in the air you breathe, the foods you eat and even in the medications we are prescribed. (believe it or not!)  A detox cleanse can be very beneficial and can make you feel much healthier, although you should realize that engaging in a well-researched protocol and continuing to give your body the nutrients it needs, will help your body function properly while supporting the cleanse.  Now, if there’s a detox done wrong, it will just drain your body of energy even more. If you perform the detox correctly, it will result in higher energy levels and an increased sense of wellness.  So here are 5 of the benefits that you can look forward to enjoying when you complete your own detox cleanse:

1. Increase Energy Levels: If you have a lot of toxins in your body it will decrease your energy levels.  Instead of going out with your friends or participating in the different activities you normally love, you’re more likely to just lie on the couch all day.  However, if you do a detox, your energy levels are typically restored making you feel refreshed with the energy to do everything you want to do.

2. Get Rid of Excess Waste: When you do a detox, you can clean your colon and eliminate all this excess waste you are carrying around.It could be possible that you’re carrying around excess fecal matter in your body.  This excess waste can add on weight and just make you feel lethargic.

3. Strengthen You Immune System: One of the best benefits of doing a detox is that you can strengthen your immune system.  After you detox your body, you will start to notice that you don’t get sick as often.  Your body will be able to fight off illnesses better because it is not filled with contaminants. This is something everyone could benefit from especially during the flu seasons.

4. Clearer Skin & Stronger Hair: Most people experience better looking skin and hair after a detox cleanse. This is because the toxins do effect your skin, hair and nails. After eliminating these toxins, don’t be surprised if you start getting complements on your appearance.

5. Increase in Mental Focus: Everyone wants to mentally feel better as well. Getting rid of toxins and help you think clearer and focus better. Mind over matter is what it’s all about; everything starts with your brain working first. If you’re focused on your health, then you’re going to feel better about yourself.

The bottom line here, is that a good detox will leave you feeling your best. If you are curious on how to detox, you should speak to your doctor.  He will teach you how to detox properly and recommend the best detox for you.  The best detox is one that leaves you feeling better, not worse, and if you want to make sure you treat your body well while detoxing, make sure you take in the proper nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Having a daily multivitamin is good, however it’s important to make sure you can absorb the nutrients within the daily multivitamin supplement.

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