eat healthy

OK, so we all know that breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day.  However, for people who train regularly at their local fitness facility or training center, food is more than a means of staying alive. What you put into your body is fuel for your workout as well as how you manage muscle gains and fat loss on your body. Food can help you to recover in a better way and help you build muscle or lean yourself out. What you eat before and after your workout is extremely important. There are many different meals and snacks that you can have throughout the day to give your body the right amount of fats, carbohydrates and protein that is going to not only satisfy your hunger but provide fuel for your workouts.

The Question is… How important is nutrition when training?

Well the answer is simple, your body needs certain foods to sustain itself and to thrive. When you exercise you use a lot of your body’s resources and nutrition is there to replenish what was taken away. It’s essential to not only exercise but to have good nutrition as well, it’s really hard to have one without the other. They are both equally important when you look at your optimal health. When you have good nutrition your body gets energy, fat, amino acids, calcium and so much more. These things are necessary to a healthy lifestyle.

Most people nowadays do realize that Pre And Post Workout Nutrition is important, but having right diet is 80% of the battle when you are looking to redefine your physique. Weather you Are looking to loose weight, lean out, bulk up or build more muscle the right nutrition will amplify the effects of what from your workouts. It’s important to have a very clear goal so you can choose the proper nutrition plan for what you’re trying to accomplish.

Why It’s Important To eat Before A Workout?

We’ve learned that studies have shown that eating a meal 45 minutes before an intense workout can make your workout a lot stronger. This isn’t hard to understand why. By eating before your workout you increase your energy, which allows you to workout longer and at a higher intensity level. If you are prone to early workouts than you don’t need to have a heavy meal, a lighter option will work just as well. You can opt for a low-fat yogurt or even a glass of fruit juice to raise your blood sugar levels.

It’s very important to know when using supplements to cycle your pre-workout supplements. Your body can get accustomed to a supplement and begin to not work as effectively. So it’s important to change them up from time to time…Even changing the brands will help because they all have different formulas for the most part.

Why It’s Important To eat After A Workout?

The importance of eating after a workout is to restore the energy lost during the workout. Plus you want to rebuild muscle and fueling them with food or the right supplement is an excellent way to do that. You can rebuild the tissue that break down during a workout by eating within two hours after your workout. Many people like to down a protein/carb-packed shake, which is a great way to rebuild.

So the bottom line is that, if you want to see results, please understand the importance of having the right nutrients in your body, (at the right times) is key to your overall success.

Starting out with a great liquid multivitamin in the AM is important. This will assure you get the correct amount of vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Having a liquid vitamin will also assure you get the best bio availability! Taking a hard tablet is just not recommended.