Second Health, a new liquid multi-vitamin, made its for-sale debut at the 2012 Mr. Olympia Fitness Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 3 Second Health is the latest product from Pureform 1000, LLC, a joint effort between 18-year nutritionist, Ron McCormick, and investor, Erik Levine. 3 Second Health comes in a convenient, travel-sized 2.5-ounce container — perfect for members who need immune support, antioxidants and caffeine-free energy while away from home. It also comes in a 32 oz. daily family size.“We believe 3 Second Health will set the industry standard for those wishing to take a liquid multi-vitamin supplement while on the go,” said Levine. 3 Second Health contains 12 vitamins and more than 70 major and trace minerals, along with Lutein and Quercetin. It also contains all-natural flavoring agents to help mask the taste of vitamins that make most pills and liquid multivitamins unpleasant to take.

The formula took over two years for a team of nutritionists, formulators, Ph.D.s and medical doctors to perfect. The huge benefit to liquid multi-vitamins, over pills or capsules, is the rapid absorption into the small intestine. “The proprietary blend and high quality raw ingredients and vitamins in 3 Second Health will raise the bar in the 30 billion dollar, global vitamin industry,” explained Levine. “We are extremely proud of the brand and the initial feedback from those who’ve tried it is overwhelmingly positive.” The product comes in a single-serving shot, and does not need to be refrigerated. The family size is a multi-serving product and can be stored at room temperature and then refrigerated after opening.

In 2009, I watched hundreds of people a month enter McCormick’s Southern Nevada store and wondered why everyone wanted to take his liquid multi-vitamins,” said Levine. After trying them himself, Levine was hooked. So much so, he decided to invest in the company. “I could never take a multi-vitamin pill because it always gave me an upset stomach,” explained Levine. “With liquids it was smooth and easy — then we started thinking about people’s lifestyles, especially those who travel, hike, bike, etc. We developed the travel size to give people a way to sample our 32-ounce product, without making a $35-$40 investment, or carrying around a heavy refrigerated bottle. It’s been an immediate hit.

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